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Amaro Auser

The Amaro Auser recipe dates back to many years ago, the first notes possessed on this liqueur were written in 1923. It is composed of numerous medicinal herbs with digestive properties and aromatic herbs that contribute to the harmony of the flavour and aroma typical of this tonic liqueur. The processing of all these herbs and plants is fundamental, and is meticulously described in the original recipe which is still today faithfully performed in all of its phases, which is indispensable for obtaining the Amaro Auser as originally conceived. The herbs are pounded by hand in a stone mortar, one at a time because each one must be reduced to smaller or smaller pieces according to the type of plant, so some are almost reduced to powder, others to larger pieces, the flowers barely touched by the pestle. Each plant or freshly ground herb is immediately added to the alcohol, so that aroma and flavor are not lost. The infusion is then left to rest for a long time, in the dark and in a cool place. Other phases follow this one described, all strictly manually operated, but each craftsman has his little secrets to keep.

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Grappa Stravecchia

Among the many grappas of Italian production we have selected this, produced by an award-winning and well-known distillery born in 1890. We choose the long and vast experience, tasted and finally selected a truly excellent product.
The Grappa Stravecchia is the result of the distillation of Tuscan pomace of excellent quality, long aged in oak barrels, its taste is not distinctly dry and not even soft but simply harmonious, which satisfies every palate, the delicate aftertaste of oak also gives this grappa the characteristic golden color. It’s the only grappa that is not part of our production but that we offer you with great pleasure, confident that it can be truly appreciated.

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