Our History

My grandfather, born in 1890, lived for several years the terrible experience of the life of a soldier on the front: the long marches on foot, the trenches and the constant uncertainty of being able to return home. But the Great War finally ended, he could go back home, start again living in peace and serenity with his loved ones. With the joy of peace, however, the economic difficulties of the post-war period also arrived, which had to be faced with wit, sacrifice and spirit of initiative.
My grandfather found a job as salesman at a company that produced liquor, but after a short time he decided to start his own business and started the job that today, after almost a century, I try to carry on.
He began to produce what were the most popular liqueurs at the time, almost all of high alcohol content and preferably sweet, but then he thought that he needed an original receipt, one that no one else could have, something unique and good. Thus began his experiments with the many aromatic and medicinal herbs available in nature, with essential oils and infusions, until he found what was for him the perfect recipe: Amaro Auser.
To this first original recipe he added many others, and the liqueur factory continued its journey over time with his son, my father, an then me. I treasure their recipes, following the ancient methods that I have been taught. In addition, I created new recipes, added some liqueurs and grappas to the production in order to be able to offer a series of products adapted to the new market requirements.

The production limited to not very high quantities allows me to pay more attention to the ingredients and their origin, it allows me to work by hand, to cold mix without using machinery that overheat the liquor, to filter by slowly passing the product through linen sheets, to select any peel, fruit or grass that are bottled along with the grappa. It is a job that takes place without haste, without the pressure of having to produce enormous quantities and selling them to a great number of people, it is the work of the craftsman that can be carried out only with passion, with the tenacity of wanting to continue the most beautiful and interesting traditions of our past.
Marialuisa Barsanti

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