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Liquorice liqueur


During the preparation of Liquorice Liqueur, the liquorice root is minced and treated with boiling water, the obtained aqueous extract is evaporated until a black soft mass is obtained. This is the main and natural ingredient of our liqueur, with a low alcohol content and its strong and unmistakable licorice flavor. The concentrated licorice extract is very dense and tends to deposit on the bottom, to obtain the perfect harmony of its taste it is advisable to shake the bottle before pouring the liqueur into the glass. We recommend drinking it very cold.

Alcohol content: 20% vol.

Expiration: none

Allergens: none

The liqueur does not contain GMO ingredients

Warning: people suffering from hypertension must limit the use of liquorice.

Liquorice Liqueur is available in 50 cl bottles (10 cl bottles available upon request)

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